AHEC - Azerbaijan Hazelnut Exporters Consortium

AHEC is an Azerbaijani consortium of 5 exporters of hazelnut manufacturing plants with more than 200 employees.

Our some certified plants are situated in strategically main hazelnut cultivation regions such as Zagatala and Khachmaz. Besides, crop from our own hazelnut orchards, we control and manage the hazelnut supply chain by the purchase of hazelnuts from local 12000 farmers.

World-known Corylus avellana nuts sorts - "Ata-Baba" and "Khachmaz" contains 90% of our exports.

  • The main characteristics of "Ata-Baba": unique taste; 68.22% fat; 65-75% of the total harvest contains sizes 11-13mm (kernel basis)
  • The main characteristics of “Khachmaz" - bigger size; 50.00% fat; 62-78% of the total harvest contains sizes 13-15mm (kernel basis)

Key to the success of our Hazelnuts: Favorable climate, clean ecology, a long tradition in hazelnuts cultivation, small and medium-sized orchards sustainable carefully through several generations of farmers.

AHEC exports in the EU (Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain), Russia, Tunisia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel and more.

Products we supply to our industrial customers: in-shell hazelnuts, natural kernels, sliced, chopped, blanched, roasted types of hazelnut.

We provide all conventional packaging types and sizes.