Pryany Dom

The best spices and seasonings for your culinary masterpieces!

The enterprise «Pryany Dom» has been producing and selling seasonings, spices and food concentrate all over the Republic of Belarus for more than 15 years.

The company specializes in seasoning and spice production not only from natural and aromatic herbs and spices under the trademark «Pryany Dom», but also goods for food production.

The production facilities of the company are located in Borisov in a private food-concentrate factory with the most modern equipment. All that allows it to carry out a full cycle of processing natural raw materials and producing high-quality products.

The assortment list of goods includes condiments and spices in coloured bags, spices in white paper bags, broths, instant soups, condiments in plastic jars, spices and condiments in glass mills, sugar with mint, cinnamon and ginger, pastry sprinkles, gift sets, more than 150 items in total and this is only for retail sales. All products of the company are certified and comply with all state standards.

The enterprise increases production volumes yearly and constantly works on optimizing business processes. Strict quality control on all production stages and the aromatic taste of our seasonings and spices allow us to be recognized by consumers for a long time.