This page provides a general overview of Georgia as well as detailed information about companies known for their successful business models in Georgia.

About the country


The prospects of the Georgian economy for medium and long-term growth are good. Among the Eastern Partnership countries, Georgia has recorded the strongest economic growth since 2009. After two years of slow growth, real GDP growth picked up in 2017-18 led by the construction, trade and transport sectors. Good exports increased strongly and since 2018 international tourist visits rose year-on-year.


The agricultural sector plays an essential role in the Georgian economy, with its 7.2% of the GDP (2019) and 39 percent of the total employment (2019). Food processing is the main industrial sector. It accounts for 44% of manufacturing output and it is also the main buyer of foreign machinery and equipment. The sector includes the production of wine, mineral/spring water, spirits, canned fruit and vegetables, tobacco products and essential oils, milk, dairy products, meat and meat products, vegetable oils and fats, bakery and pasta products, beer and soft drinks.


The tourism sector is one of the growth industries in Georgia. It covers the 4.8% of the national GDP (2019) and gives jobs to the 3% of the population (2019). In 2019, 7.7 million tourists visited Georgia. The number of guests from all EU countries rose by 26% in 2019 compared to 2018, to 483,000. Good medium- and long-term growth prospects are thanks to the growing flow of visitors from abroad, but also due to the increase in domestic tourism. As a matter of fact, the additional value added by tourism companies and the hotel industry has increased more than sevenfold in 2007-2019.