Bio Farm Pona Ltd.

The Bio Farm Pona Ltd. was founded in the year 2014 to establish and run an agricultural enterprise made up of multifaceted fields of production, producing healthy food under the principles of bio-dynamic agriculture.
Since autumn 2019, the products of the Bio Farm Pona are certified organic.
Besides its managing director, the Bio Farm Pona employs five persons from the local area. Moreover, volunteers also support the work of the farm.


It was a hoopoe that welcomed the project team at its first visit to Pona after the foundation of the company. An indicator for an intact eco-system, every year several couples of this species are breeding on the territory of the Bio Farm Pona.
For this, the company is working towards maintenance and protection of the wide bio-diversity on its territory.

Fields of Production


On roughly 32 hectares, we produce alfalfa, oat, pea, rye, corn, field bean, buckwheat as well as the traditional Georgian wheat “Tsiteli Doli”.


We deliver our wide variety of vegetables to restaurants, shops and private subscribers in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.


Our plums, pears, persimmons and apples grow on hundreds of old as well as newly planted trees and are being gently dried with Swiss technology.


The Bio Farm Pona maintains its fertility not least thanks to several bee colonies, which are offering us their exquisite honey.