Our Vision

Komli in Georgian means "a big family living in a rural area". It comes from the Georgian word Kvamli, which means smoke coming out of a chimney. It is a place where it is cosy, where you feel warm, the fire is lit and love is in the air. The company's vision is to bring life back to the forgotten villages in Guria, West Georgia by building a place for a diverse community and agro-ethnic experiences, a place where the visitor always wants to return to. 

On a small hilltop called “Red Mountain” having a stream Kikvata passing through the yard, which stretches with hazelnut and tea plantation and bamboo trees, there lays our wooden 150- year-old historical house with a view of Gomis Mta (Mountains dividing Guria & Achara). 

They invite guests to stay at their farm, eat fresh organic food farm-to-the-table, take part in the agricultural activities: tea picking, taking care of kitchen garden, vineyard, and hazelnut plantation. And to engage in various recreational activities: crafts, writing, arts, and exercise. Guria is the region where people are always cheerful and welcoming, nature is subtropical and green, rivers are fast and noisy, and traditional songs are spirited and still sung.

Type of Stays

Family Farmhouse: This house is a traditional house from Guria, It was built by the great-great-grandpa of the farm-owner, and the main part of it more than 150 years old. It has a huge balcony with eye-catching views and two bedrooms (one big, one smaller) each of them have their fireplaces, and comfortable beds and windows. There are two shared bathrooms, with hot and cold running water, tea & coffee facilities and a fridge that you can use. 

Diogenes Barrel:  unique glamping spot "Diogenes Barrel" for a comfortable and philosophical stay while surrounded by hazelnuts and beautiful views. As ancient philosophers would say "γνῶθι σεαυτόν" or "know thyself," - Open the door and enter in your own small universe, you will be greeted by the beautiful smell of cedar melting you into relaxation and a beautiful panoramic view of the Lesser Caucasus mountain range Gomi. Lay down on a comfortable double bed to read a book or feel free to fold out a small table and drink local wine with your partner. This barrel is equipped with electricity and Wi-Fi. The bathroom and shower facilities are 1 min walk away.

Nalia - is a small hut with a Sunset Room and Sunrise room, situated strategically where one will find a nice breath even during the hottest days of summer, both attic-like rooms have wide windows with panoramic views, on the first-floor bathroom and small open kitchen is available. 

Our Profile that was written by Helen Moat:

"Off the tourist track, the roads in subtropical Guria weave through densely forested hills and valleys - reminiscent of Thailand or Sri Lanka - past walnut and fruit orchards as well as tea plantations. Cows and pigs wander on to the road. Diminutive Orthodox churches sit on roadsides or perch on hilltops. Join a tour on the Tea Road and find out how the organic teas are produced.

For a slice of authentic Georgian life, stay at historic farmhouse Komli with views to Gomi Mountain in the Lesser Caucasus. Guests are invited to explore the small vineyard, tea, and bamboo plantations.

Join three generations of Gurian women for a night of storytelling, toasting, and the finest Georgian food prepared with fresh ingredients from their garden. The hosts also offer cookery masterclasses, tea tours, and regional trips with driver and guide.

Gomi Mountain is a strange and otherworldly place above the clouds. Locals decamp to the mountain in summer to escape the humid heat.

The quaint, cobbled-together metal and wood self-builds sit on the skyline above a yellow carpet of perfumed azalea. It is a magical place, well worth the hour-long drive up the rough but spectacular mountain road."