This page provides a general overview of Ukraine as well as detailed information about companies known for their successful business models in Ukraine.

About the country


The growth of GDP in 2019 was about 3.2%. The main growth was in industry, agriculture and trade, but most important was the increase of domestic consumption, but now it has fallen to the level of 2018. The expected GDP in 2020 is fallen down up to – 7.2% which is similar to the expectations of decreasing in the EU (-7.2%) and will be expected growing up to the level of 3.6% (4.8% in the EU) in 2021.


At the moment ca. 2.9 mln people are employed in the agriculture, forest and fish industries which is ca.18% of total employment volume. In 2019 agricultural sector generated ca. 9% of GDP in Ukraine. The share of total Ukrainian agricultural export achieved 44.3% or 22.2 Bln. USD. Ukraine No.1 exporter of honey to the EU.


The tourism sector in Ukraine generates ca. 7-9% of GDP. The share of incoming tourism is about 30% from the total national volume, which includes internal and outgoing tourism. The main destination cities for foreign tourist are Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv. The key international tourism markets for Ukraine are Moldova, Belarus, Poland and Turkey. Ca. 900.000 people are employed in the sector.