Aurora LLC

The representative of south regions for well-known sweet cherries and plums cultivation with more than 10 fruit varieties and 2400m3 refrigerated warehouse

Aurora LLC was founded in 1997, in the central Zaporizhzhya region. The farm is focused on horticulture, mainly specialised on the cultivation of sweet cherries and plums. 


Some key facts about the Aurora LLC:

  • 90% of products are exported
  • The area of the orchards is over 200 hectares (70 hectares of cherry, 22.2 hectares of plum, 33.8 hectares of apple)
  • More than 10 varieties are cultivated on the farm
  • The main industrial varieties are large-fruited, Melitopol black, Bigaro burlat and others
  • Air-cooled, 2400m3 refrigerated warehouse