Tour-U LLC

West Ukrainian tour operator with a wide range of tours within-country such as individual, group or business trips, corporate or school holidays representing its best side

Tour-U is a team of incoming tourism experts in Ukraine. Our tours are an interaction of visual, verbal and taste impressions. So you can not only see but feel every corner of Ukraine and love as we love!


Our values

Tour-U was created by Viktoriya and Viktor Permyakov as a family business. So that our tours – it’s a possibility to spend time together – all family from 0+ to 70+. Your vacations could be a good tradition of joint time, adventures and memories…

We proud of our country, its history and culture. Tour-U will convince you that there are lots of places in Ukraine to look at, and more than that to fall in love with.

Our company 

What do we offer?

  • Reservation of hotels and hostels,
  • Catering, banquets, parties, food service 
  • Excursion service
  • Passenger transportation throughout Ukraine

Our achievements

  • Of course, we do standard Lviv city tours, but we also have 15 author excursions. We have come up a tasting tour, which is now considered the N1 excursion by the popularity in Lviv
  • Our guides have international badges, which prove their high level of professionalism.

The types of tours we specialize in:

  • Individual tourism. Including Birthday, Love tours, "Bachelorette Party" and "Bachelor Party"
  • Business tourism. Organization of business tours. VIP tours.
  • Group tourism (Excursion services and not only)
  • Corporate holidays in a new format: rafting, ballooning, teambuilding in the Carpathians, hiking, corporate tours, Quests
  • School tourism. We consider on your wishes, age of children, their activity.

A new partner is new opportunities. You should choose us if you want not boring holidays.